one week on the road…

On tuesday morning, the group woke up early and left Kan Pascual. Happily rolling down the Collserola mountain to visit a nice ecological farm, Cal Rosset, that produces for consumer cooperatives in Barcelona. We then followed the Llobregat river by a dirt road, got some fruits from some locals on Martorrell and followed the national road the rest of the day, arriving in Ca La Fou on time for helping cooking diner.

On our first day in Ca La Fou, wednesday (11), we had a tour of this huge site and project after our morning circle, in the afternoon some people helped organize the tool’s workshop, others clean, fixed and lubed their bikes or joined the construction of the new chickens house.

Thursday, our ‘working day’ in Ca La Fou, started with a beautiful ritual of moving hundreds of roof tiles hand by hand (using our great number – we were around 25!) to the highest point of the site where soon they will start repairing the roof of the living house. After lunch the biketour group had a nice ‘expectations’ workshop where we all shared our ideas for workshops and what we expect from this biketour. After a nice siesta the group broke into working groups: more bricks, organizing the kitchen, get dry materials for the compost toilet and a nice visit to some local natural caves. Late at night, there was a presentation about the ZAD, a protest site against an airport construction near Nantes, France.

Friday, getting out of Ca La Fou was nice and easy, on asphalted roads, till lunch time. After a long pause for siesta at the devil’s bridge, the second half of the day was mostly on crazy dirt and steep roads, was nice not to meet many cars but this unconventional road led to a group division and some people getting a bit lost. Finally we all get together again near La Llagosta and arrived really late and tired to Can Piella, luckily we could recover some energy drinking Can Piella‘s amazing home-brewed beer :D

harvesting patatoesSaturday, some people gave us an introduction to the squat and all the projects they have in the house: the garden, the bread, the beer, the chickens and (re)constructions. And then we were helping harvesting potatoes, digging a storage for them, cleaning the small forest and collecting wood, making bread and painting some walls.

We are around 28 now!

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  1. hola Joao! hola biketour! hola wonderful cyclists pedalling towards degrowth!
    I am with you! not physicly – but with all my ecotopia-cyclo heart! supporting you here in Texas! I followed the preparations and start of the biketour with excitement on the web! And I am a little sorry not to be with you cycling- but it took me 8 moths to get where I am without taking airoplanes -so it is a bit far for me now : )

    Since I joined ecotopia 2009 – I became more and more a bicycle-junky ; )
    October 2011 I finally hit the road for my own big solo-tour!! where?? ..hmmm..somewhere across the world! Starting from my house in Austria/Vienna I went south across north Italy, south France, Catalunya and down all across spain (it is a lovely route! And I passed by some of the places you are going to meet too! – )
    ..from south spain I went on a sailboot across the atlantic to the carribbean. 1 months I cycled in Cuba. Another sailboat took me to Florida. And now I am halfway on my USA crossing towards California!! – where I will meet Lily ! – the most awesome cyclo-woman!- who was cycling with us in ecotopia 2009! jupiii!

    So Ecotopia 2012!! Its a wonderful route! and a very important issue! I am thinking a lot about degrowth – here in the country of supersize! – where I put on waight just from dumpsterdiving!?
    I wish you all the best!Great experiences and big fun!!I am glad you enjoyed can piellas beer! Greetings to the people of No TAV Camp in valle de Susa and the Villa Vegan in Milano!

    roll on! ecotopia the world!!

    Barbara (Babsi, Baerbel… ; )

    my blog: 5 steps to get there
    “Caretaker Lifestyle”
    “Deutsch” (sorry only in german so far, but mostly pics anyway)
    “Thema der Woche” /or “Barbels Reiseblog”
    “Barbels Reise im Uberblick”

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