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Hello cyclists,

Once upon a time there was a meeting in the sand. The meeting was about the organization of 2017 bike tour. 15 people were sitting in the dunes of Lithuania, many from Germany, some from Poland, Chile, Greece, Slovakia, England and one from Lithuania. The circle decided that organizing the bike tour should be more rooted in the region where it goes, it would be especially good if local people were involved in the preparation. Helping out could mean:
– organizing a few days of the tour
– planning a part of the route
– researching and contacting projects where we could stay
We also think it would be great to participate in an action camp or a
political festival on the way (or even have them as final destination).
Here are three proposals for regions we want to cycle through:
– Scotland, England, Ireland (we have some contacts there and the bike tour has never been to Scotland before)
– Spain, Portugal (some contacts, long time not seen, southern region after many years of cycling in the cold north)
– Germany and neighboring countries (already a few people based in Germany have committed to helping next year)
These are just our suggestions but they can be changed. Depending on the response we get, the region will be decided.

If you’d like to get involved, write us a message and we will add you to the organiser`s mailing list, invite you to our Skype meetings and preparation gathering(s). Places and times will be announced.



Ecotopia Biketour is all about DIY – we have no leaders and no paid roles – we depend on YOU to help us make it happen! Whatever you can think of :)

As we start to organize the 2017 tour, the following priority things need to be done by all of us:

  • finding places to visit/sleep
  • getting our material together: collect, order, search, buy, transport and bring stuff we need!
  • being local coordinator: Pick a/your region and finetune the route (view and scan maps, test roads, suggest beautiful spots, find good food buying options, etc.)
  • doing translation work, creative work and preparing our promotional material
  • working on fundraising: 2017’s tour will need money for a variety of things!

Get involved!  Y O U are the biketour!

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