Biketour in poetry form :-)

Ecotopia Degrowth 2012
Follow the arrows and arrive to a buzz of energy,
Vines to be weeded and a circle under an olive tree,
Friendly faces and warm smiles welcome you to the group,
Intrigued, wander about the farmhouse to have a better look.

A Degrowth workshop to share information together,
Sitting in groups discussing in lovely weather,
Name games with which to remember everyone,
Sign up for a task on the list – they’re lots of fun.

Sleep side by side with strangers on the floor,
A commune and family you feel you knew before,
Close bonds form and friendships will grow,
On the bikes we journey as people come and go.

Everyone ready to help and looking out for each other,
From all over the world join borderless sister and brothers,
Visiting sustainable projects and meeting inspiring entrepreneurs,
Doing actions and going vegan – living in a way of which you feel sure.

Do you want to ride with the wind, the sun, the sand – overland,
Do you want to meet beautiful people and for your mind to expand,
Do you want to push yourself to your limit and succeed,
Do you want to cycle and with others who go at your speed,
Satisfied without want, in each moment free:
Ecotopia is where I want to be.

My Ecotopia Family

Alice will make sure you’re up for breakfast time,
Francois is her aid with flute music divine,
Joao rides a tall bike – that which he designed,
Natasha is like gps – our destination she’ll find.

David is always patient and lending a hand,
Jaime couldn’t find the arrows across the sand,
Mika will put your broken bike back together,
Vincent strips and heads turn as he enjoys the weather,

Kate films the memories so we can look back on good times,
Frederico writes to us providing the rhymes,
Sam is a wise joker and forages extra food,
Yolanda calls a circle and facilitates too,

Sally’s the friendly Auz with an unforgettable smile,
Khoon is going with the flow but keen to stay a while,
Miguel navigates our way by the stars,
Tim makes the best vegan burgers,

Phil is always chilled and has good advice,
Juan has an imagination with lots of spice,
Xavier’s energy is limitless and he observes the goings on,
Felix is a source of calm and gives a welcome warm,

Joao Portugal is seeking to discover and explore,
Lou keeps extending her trip more and more,
Lydia gives relieving reki massage,
Jenny takes pictures to make a collage,

Jaye has the smallest bike with tiny wheels,
Frederic takes the biggest trailer with legs of steel,
Ann-Isabella smiles at hills and never seems phased,
Eugene is a healer and can cure all sickness,
Wiz has experience and her bike does glide,
Lolo brought his dog Lolito to enjoy the ride.

Natalie misses each and everyone,
She hopes as you continue you’re having as much fun.

I’ve written a diary if you want something more structured and specific for my day I can do that too. I also have pictures which I can put on facebook and tag you in or share via dropbox if we set one up? Hope you are all well. Bon courage and bon voyage. Can’t wait to see you all next time. Thank you so much for everything. Life changing moments you guys are doing an incredible job. I think of you everyday and ecotopia is forever in my heart.

Love Natalie x


  1. soy el padre de miguel valera necesito contactar con el por favor que me llame , se que ha perdido el movil.

  2. Natalie, I felt I was there. What a wonderful way to share the world! Alison

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