Can my child come on the tour with me?

Although I hasn’t happened very often, children of different ages have participated in the Biketour before. Babies were travelling in their own trailer, and children who could already cycle joined on their own bike – when the distances got too long, their parents would just pull their bikes using a rope.

Anything can be imagined on the Biketour. If you need any advice about a bike trailer, feel free to Contact Us.

It should also be noted that the additional work that comes with taking care of a child should not be something that keeps you off joining us. We are a solidarity community and try to support each other in any way that we can. There is no pressure about participating in communal tasks – everyone is free to do as much as they are able to. Also, be aware that we normally don’t cycle all at once. Some people go ahead in the morning and mark the route with chalk arrows on the road. So if you and your child take a bit longer, that’s not problem at all! No one will be forced to wait, but many people would surely be happy to.

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