Kamenitsa eco village

From Minsk we cycled for two days to Kamenitsa / Каменица. Due to our tight schedule, this was our only proper wild-camping night in Belarus, which we spent without problems on a beautiful meadow that smelled like Thyme.

On the first evening, when we cycled through a small village, suddenly we were surrounded by dozens of kids on bikes. They were very eager to fill our water containers for the night and were extremely excited to get some of our tall-bike and “Fuck Cars” stickers.

Kamenitsa is a small village about 120 km north-west of Minsk where several families from Minsk moved to live on the country-side. We were invited to sleep in the garden of one young family, next to a permaculture garden with many berry trees, herbs and vegetables.

It was raining really heavily a lot of the time, which made it hard to do many group activities, but we had some nice dinners together with the locals.

Our host took us on a tour around the area to teach us about edible plants that grow in the wild.

Some people went to visit an abandoned bunker close by where nuclear weapons used to be stored during the Cold War.

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  1. … just to let you know: You have a blog reader here in Zurich. I like to read about the tour and while looking at the pictures, I am thinking about joining again… Greetings to all! Roger

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