Compost-toilet out of trash

IMG_1536Paulina invited us to stay at her tiny garden house in the allotment gardens of hajnowka. Shower was a garden hose, food supply came from the incredibly friendly neighbours, our tents were spread out in the garden, toilet was in Kaufland or in the forest. We had some beautiful days there with her. As a thank you we built an own toilet next to the house.IMG_1476

So, for the planning, following questions came up: How will the toilet be used? Where should it be? Which kind of toilet? Out of what will we built it?
As Paulinas father is building a new house in the garden at the moment, there were plenty of tools and material from the old down-taken shelters. Next to the gardens is an abandoned, burnt down swinery. We went there to see what we can get. A bunch of these hexagonal paves was lying between some trees. They should become the foundations of the toilet. So we went there twice with our 2 biketrailers and got these monstrous stones.

 IMG_1505 IMG_1542 WP_20160627_001 WP_20160627_002 WP_20160627_003 WP_20160627_006 WP_20160627_004

Then we began to sort out of the all the old wood the best parts for the toilet-house. We had to find some stabil beams for the structure. We found some. Had to get out all the nails of them. And as a door we took just the door of the old house. For not sitting in the dark, some windows are required. On our first scouting for materials we also discovered a shelter full of old windows. We came back and got two of them.

IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1515

The half built toilet was already used in the first night, the second day, the walls were added, the door and the windows. The door even recieved a heart-shaped hole!

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