Chaos on the way to Puszcza Białoweża

We have left Warsaw with 1½ days delay, on the 19th of June. We are about 7 people and everything is quite chaotic. Our application for a Belarus visa was not successful on the first attempt, so one of us stayed back in Warsaw to go to the embassy again. Every day they invented a new reason why our application is not complete, and everyday we had to talk to our contact in Belarus (who only speaks Russian, and we don’t) and go to the embassy again.

On the first two days we only managed to do 30 km, as we had problems with a self-built trailer that was not as stable as expected. For now we have returned the trailer to Warsaw, as we are such a small group that we don’t need it anyways. Hopefully more people will join in Vilnius and we will try to get and fix the trailer there.

We are slowly getting into the daily routine of cycling longer distances.

Last night a weird selection of things was stolen from our camp: a tarp with many holes, all our tools, our spices, and two cable locks. Not stolen were a wallet that was openly lying around, a bike that was not locked, our pots and our trailers.

We have started our first project related to this year’s theme: On each campsite, we make a small sculpture out of trash that we find. The result will be a gallery of trash art.

We are now at a café trying to figure out more options to get into Belarus.

Some photos will follow in a couple of days.

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