Biketour in Uppsala


The discussion about how many days and when exactly to go to Uppsala almost lasted longer than our actual stay there, but in the end we decided to stay for two nights, but spend the second night a bit further in the direction of Stockholm so that we wouldn’t have problems making it to the Anarchist Bookfare two days later.

We had gotten a request by an organic farmer in the area who had heard that we are some travelling “volunteers” and needed some help with the harvest. We decided that we are not free workers but sometimes help out in return for the hospitality of our hosts, and that if a commercial farmer needs some help, they should pay people for it.

So the original plan was to wild-camp, but we got a recommendation quite short term to get in contact with the people of Matparken. Matparken (“food park”) is a project where some people are growing vegetables in a park on the outskirts of Uppsala. Anyone can join them and grow stuff, independent of their level of experience. In between their gardens they have a communal lawn with a fire place, where they let us spend the night.

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The next day most people spent hanging around the city and having some rest, and in the evening we had a meeting at the local bike kitchen, where some of us fixed their bikes.

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