Biketour in Turku (last year)

On the 4th of September, we arrived in Turku. Our main base was Pyöräpaja Vapaa Ratas, a bike workshop that sells old bike parts and fixed-up bikes on a regular bike flea market (from the money, the rent is paid) and where people can also come to fix their bikes or have them fixed. It is in Aurinkotehdas, an old bicycle factory that is now used for different social projects, such as an Emmaus second-hand shop.

We were really warmly welcomed, and many people had heard from or even participated in the Biketour that cycled to the Ecotopia Gathering close to Turku in 2000. In the end we even decided to stay one day longer than planned.

On the programme was a well-attended info talk about the Biketour at Kirjakahvila, an anarchist book café, and a visit to Koroinen, and old farm compound that is used as a space for social events and permaculture and has a really nice sauna, and an underground party in a disused bunker inside a hill in the harbour.




… in a bike workshop


Sauna-time at Koroinen!


Underground party…


… in a bunker

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