between Tartu and Tallinn



Here some late impressions from the last bit:



eco1 eco3

In Estonia some people build houses and boats with local material and traditional knowledge…


eco5 trash6

… use small and big rocket stoves…


trash1       trash2

… and transform trash to art.


sky5 sky4 sky2 sky1

We cycled under wild skies …


buildings build4 build2 buidl3

… drove past buildings from different ages that are still in use …


ways3 ways2 ways1 ways4

and found our “Kôo” on a open field or a gym hall to pass the night.




Yes. Sometimes it felt like a “donquixotery” fighting omnipresent car-culture. Therefore we would like to express our special thank to the people from the projects we have visited for giving us some insight to an other reality!



That’s where the Ecotopiabiketour 2016 – after three month with changing participants – ended in the dark. But, as I am writing this, Ecotopiabiketour 2017 is already in preparation to be mounted!

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