The forest garden and cycling to Göteborg

P1000659After Malmö, we cycled 60km slightly inland to a forest garden near Höör. The forest garden is an example of an edible eco-system with a wide variety of trees and plants. It is also used as an educational tool, and the mainly volunteer run group also offer courses and hand craft projects. The project has been running for eleven years and aims to have more traditional interactions with nature.

It was really beautiful, with lots of pathways and fruit trees and even a pond, and a big firepit in the middle where we cooked dinner.





After cycling further north for two days and camping on the  P1050449edge of a lake,  we had a rest day on the beach near Halmstad. The scouts picked a nice beach on the coast for our camping spot for the next two nights and where we would have our rest day. The weather was beautifully hot, we spent most of the first morning of rest day going between the sandy beach and the water.

IMG_9736Lunch was vegetables, and of course, sand. It was also Knödels 1st birthday! Knödel is a dog found on the streets of Bulgaria on last years bike tour, and even has his own trailer.



For the rest of the beach day, we ate vegan ice cream and did some workshops. P1050472

Some people participated in laughter yoga, – and rest of the people who weren’t in laughter yoga were also laughing because of the reaction of the other people on the beach to laughter yoga, which was mainly to try and pretend it wasn’t happening.

The day ended with a bit of midnight swimming under the moon!


P1000724When we left the beach, we continued cycling north for another 3 days, and we had our first super windy day which slowed everything down a bit, but we still managed to have a lot of time for swimming stops.

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