The Bike Tour in Copenhagen


Here was the first city-stop of the bike tour, and a place where quite a lot of people arrived. The newcomers arrived after a long journey to a slightly confusing sight – a half demolished warehouse, with one wall and half a roof missing, and many bricks in little mounds dotted around, with tents in betweenP1000636. Welcome to Flyende By! ( Translated as the floating city, the the building is a workspace for building various boat projects. The place where we were staying is their warehouse, but they were in the process of moving –literally everything, which explained the dug-up floor brick piles.

They also had some other projects there were working on – such as renovating a sauna on wheels, built inside a trailer so that it could be moved with them.

cph wheelchair boatAlso on wheels was the small boat attached to the mobility scooter which was used to transport stuff between the old and new warehouses. The boat and mobility scooter were also later spotted on the Copenhagen page of trashwiki ( which our hosts had not seen before it was showed to them!

Another memory of Copenhagen was a private concert one night. Some of the bike tour had gone out to explore the city at night time, and had heard music coming from below the street. Following the source of the sound lead to some stairs going down, a heavy metal door which was opened, and what turned out to be a band practicing in an underground bunker. The bike tour (without the bikes!) squeezed into the tiny space and were treated to a private concert.

Hawila ship

While in Copenhagen we were invited to visit a project from a group of people who had bought an old cargo ship for one euro and were restoring it! ( The 27 metre ship had been uncared for and left to slowly decay in the water for many years,IMG_9268 until a group of people bought it and decided to give it new life. They bought the ship a few years previously, and had fixed many of the holes in the hull and sealed the decking. They were hoping to open it up for projects to use, and eventually sail it around as a cargo ship. While we were visiting, a circus group arrived and set up hoops and ropes from the rigging!

After Copenhagen we cycled for two days – north up to Helsingør and took the ferry to Helsingborg, and then cycled down to Malmo.P1000647

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