Cycling to Oslo

After Kampetorp, the Biketour took three days to cycle to Oslo.


Entering Norway, things were as different as you could possibly imagine. The part of Sweden that we had previously cycled in was full of forest, with not many people or cars around, and people seemed to live in some kind of unrealistic idyllic dream, where no matter what happens, everyone will always be friendly to each other. Norway seemed to be the opposite – suddenly the roads were so packed of (new and shiny) cars that cycling got much slower, there were people everywhere, one supermarket after each other, and everyone walking around with a grumpy face. We were told off quite aggressively when trying to dumpster-dive, and when we asked for a place to camp, people recommended us to go anywhere except anywhere close to them. The coast was full of expensive yachts and beach clubs where drunken macho-men were having parties. In all of this, no one seemed to notice that there were thousands of huge Chantarelle mushrooms growing right beside the road, all we needed to do was to stop and pick them, and within minutes, we had collected hundreds of Euros worth of mushrooms.

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The first day was unplannedly long, almost 100 km. We camped on a public beach somewhere near Frederikstad.

As always, everyone who had space on their bikes went dumpster-diving on the way, and it turned out to be way too much stuff (the photo doesn’t even show half of it):


The following night, we camped on a windy public beach on the Oslofjord. It was full of weird sculptures, and rumours said that it used to belong to the owner of a big Norwegian ferry company before he made it into a public park.




Navigating through Oslo on the third day wasn’t easy, with short waves of rain washing away the arrows. The scouts even ended up in the wrong squat without noticing for several hours.





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