Berlin DIY Bike Workshops / Resources

In preparation for the Berlin Kick off days – we though we would share some resources with you!
Here are some of the Berlin D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) bike workshops and collectives we have discovered so far!
  • Rainbow Factory –  DIY, community

  • HubSchrauber – die Fahrradfakultät –     DIY bike workshop, at University but open    030-2093-4169

  • Bike Surf Berlin – Free Bike Loans (short term), workshops, not for profit, 121 Alt jakob strase

  • Uni Rad – DIY workshop at the Technical University

  • Bike Aid – DIY Refugee Bike workshop Schwartz Canal

  • Les Lanternes Rouges – DIY bike workshop, at schwartz canal Kiefholzstr. 74 in Berlin Alt-Treptow

  • Rad Container – DIY Cargo and hand made bikes, donation basis at Prinzess Garten Prinsessen Garten, Moritz Platz    radcontainer [ät]

  • Berlin cargo bike network


  • Berlin Bamboo Bikes bamboo bikes, ecology, DIY, workshops, collective

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