An introduction to Kan Pasqual

Kan Pascual was originally occupied by a group of students and young people who were occupying various places in the late 90’s. They were interested in primitivism and the zapatista movement, and they began living basic with wood fires.

They use solar energy complimented by wind energy – a combination which serves them well. They have experimented with biogas from the manure of their neighbour’s horses. They could produce 2 hours of gas per day. however, they had trouble controlling the gas and have stopped for the moment.

They use water from the well and rainwater from the roof of the house. There is also a brown water river nearby which helps for watering the garden. They have some trouble from wild boars eating their crops though!

They make bread once or twice a week, a portion of which they sell. They also brew beer and keep 30 chickens.

Although they had initial legal problems, the owners – the town council – lost interest in the case. they’ve now been on their site for the past 15 years with no problems from the police.


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  2. Been there done that and gonna come back soon!

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