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Over 25 years, the Ecotopia Biketour has grown a huge network of contacts. This is a list of projects and groups that we have visited, collaborated with or with whom we have a lot of personal connections.

Similar Biketours

Past tours without any known upcoming trips

  • Alternatiba Tour 2015: Will cycle 5000 km through France from June–Sept 2015, doing a big environmental campaign on the way.
  • Cooperide: Cycling from Copenhagen to the COP21 climate summit in Paris
  • Velokarawane: Cycling in Switzerland for one week from the end of July 2015
  • Cycling Alternatives (no upcoming tour announced)
  • Reclaim Power Tour: Bicycle tour connecting different climate camps in Germany in 2013 (no upcoming tour announced)

Our friends


  • EYFA: European network supporting grassroots initiatives. Used to organise the Biketour and the Ecotopia Gatherings and is still in good contact with the Biketour.


  • Memfarado: Association in Vienna that supported the preparation of the 2014 tour.


  • Can Masdeu: Squatted “rural-urban” social center in Barcelona, starting point for Ecotopia Biketour 2007 and 2012.
  • Degrowth & Research: Academic association dedicated to research around degrowth, involved on Ecotopia Biketour 2012.
  • Can Decreix: On french side of Catalunya, it’s a place for experience the pleasure of living in voluntary simplicity.


  • Makvärket: A cultural and environmental collective close to Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Flydende By: Building a floating city out of trash.
  • Hawila: Collective in Copenhagen living on and restoring a sailing ship.



  • Cycling in the north: Travel diary of a Biketour partipant cycling in the north of Germany and in Denmark


  • Scholeio: Social centre in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Paliomilos: Ecological community on Evvia, Greece
  • Nea Guinea: Collective focussed on teaching and creating sustainable and self-built things of all kinds


  • AKSC: Social centre in Skopje, Macedonia


  • GAIA: Environmental justice and food sovereignty activist group, involved on Ecotopia 2007 coordination.




  • Art center: Institution for development and art close to Murska Sobota, Slovenia


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