Cycling along Nemunas

From Kaunas we had several days to cycle along the Nemunas river to the coast. We camped on some beautiful beaches on the way.

From Kaunas, a perfect bike path led us out of the city for about 20 km. We didn’t meet a single person on the way, and no one in Kaunas seemed to know about this path. Eventually, the bike path turned into a sand road and then into a small foot path, which at one point crossed a river on a bridge so narrow that we had to lift the trailer over the railing.

The worst part was probably a really steep slippy clay road that we all had to push our bikes up. Afterwards, we decided to take the main road instead, as the roads were getting worse and worse.

We took one rest day on the beach of a small town. On the other side of the river, the Russian border joined the river, but no one dared to swim to the other side. We spent the rest day relaxing in the sun, having some group-bonding games, fixing our bikes, and drying our stuff (including many of our stickers).

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