Biketour in Helsinki (last year)

The first two of us arrived on the 15th of September in Helsinki like planned, but only at 2 in the morning. In the end the 10 of us that remained arrived in about 6 groups spread over the next 4 days.

Some people had decided to stay a bit longer in Tampere, but some wanted to arrive in Helsinki on time, so the group split in two. The first group split up on the last day when it got dark, as some wanted to make it to Helsinki, but some were too tired to cycle in the dark. The next morning, one of them cycled to Helsinki, the other one’s bike broke so they hitchhiked. The second group completely lost each other already on the first day and arrived in 3 separate group spread over several days.

It was a bit of a strange end of the tour, with everyone arriving at different times and never all of us there to have a final discussion.

Some of us went to fix our bikes for the way back at Pyöräpaja bike kikchen and gave an info talk about the Biketour there, but apart from that there was not really any common programme. We camped in the garden of a private house on a foresty peninsula right on the sea, where some people involved in the bike kitchen live.

Over time, people left bit by bit, some went back home by hitchhiking, or public transport, but several ones also cycled on, some through the Baltic States towards central Europe, some into Russia to St. Petersburg.

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