Borders Boundaries and Beyond!: Biketour 2013 get organised…

The Ecotopia Biketour Collective united from all corners of Europe for the annual ‘Winter Meeting’ – aptly named due to the location this year in snowy Berlin!

We set up camp for the weekend at the Kubiz social centre in true Biketour style, where 12 of us began planning and debating the practical and more theoretical elements of organising this years tour…

In keeping with our broad and multi-interpretable ‘Borders’ theme, on the saturday we joined the Refugee’s Revolution Demo, together with thousands of protesters calling for:

  • The End to Deportation
  • Abolition of the outdated Residenzpflicht
  • The end to inhumane Refugee Camps
  • Residenzpflicht is a policy unique to Germany, that denies refugees freedom of movement from the first place that they register – punishable by imprisonment – it is deemed by many refugee activists and advocacy groups as outdated, racist, and a violation of fundamental human rights.

    There we marched on to Check Point Charlie and met up with the Rhythms of Resistance band for some solidarity samba!

    Also on the Winter Meeting agenda; so what exactly do we mean by Beyond Borders?

    Do we really need facebook any way? what is this years slogan going to be?; and who is hiding that spare trailer axel??!

    To join in with the discussions on this years theme; add your suggestions for the proposed route; your thoughts on our new Libre and Open Source e-aim;  or how you can help turn words into wheels -join the Biketour Organisers planning wiki.

    Or watch this space as the Biketour 2013 gets organised, gets borderless and gets FLOSS‘y!

    If you want to be on our mailing list, or to contact the Biketour email

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    1. hello bike friends,

      your action inspired me the last few years. I use long ride journey to promote ancient seed exchange (last one was Spain to Mali last year with women associations). This year I like to continue promoting ancient seeds and seed exchange thru an African feast (
      by adding theater impro and puppet shows built onsite from garbage recycle centers, workshop on how to built radikal strawbale house on pelets amongst other events.

      We are a bunch of eclectic artists (theater improvisation, musicians, puppet company) and activists from Spain and Argentina with 2 kids from Etiopia.

      We are at the very beginning of planning our bike route and are open to meet\fuse with you on the road to make our action even more international. Let me know how we could participate in the organization if interested.

      Un abrazo from Gernika,

      Philippe Varichon

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