Get ready for BT 2012 – ‘towards degrowth’

You will be happy to hear that preparations for the 22nd Ecotopia Biketour are now in motion and we would like to invite you to get involved.

From July to September, Ecotopia Biketour will cycle from Catalonia to Italy, connecting projects, sharing skills, confronting destructive development and living as an eco-mobile action community. Our theme this year is degrowth and we plan to visit permaculture farms, D.I.Y bike workshops, protest camps, ecovillages, intentional communities, ecological/cycling NGO’s, bicycle events, protests, grassroots projects, and other creative alternatives to the damaging growth mentality of capitalism.

As usual, each day we try to live as a self managed community on wheels, challenging consumption habits by eating as locally, fairly and ecologically as possible and sharing skills. In our journey of over 2,000km we will experience first hand local problems and solutions relating to degrowth, and strengthen the activist network.

The latest information can always be found on the wiki:

How can you get involved?

We need help finding places to visit and contacts along the route (from Catalunia to Southern France and Northern Italy), so if you have any ideas please get in touch! There is also a google map you can add ideas to here. We are looking for local coordinators to help with the BT. We would also like to invite anyone who would like to help plan the tour to join our small organiser’s mailing list, where decisions about current and future tours are made, please email us ( for more information and let us know how you could help.

Of course the final way to get involved is to join us this summer ;-) We’ll keep you posted with route updates and let you know when registration is open.

Muchas gracias,

Alice & Joao

International coordinators of BT 2012 Barcelona


  1. Hola! soy Julia, una Madrileña que estaría interesada en recorrer con vosotros el sur de Francia y norte de Italia, así como ayudar, en la medida de lo posible, a llevar a cabo el tour. Me gustaría recibir información sobre el recorrido y las actividades que ya hayáis planificado.
    Un saludo.
    Cycling for life.

  2. Hola Julia ! te envié un email con mas información sobre el tour :-) Espero que vas a venir con nosotros, un beso x

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